Unique Underwater Retreats

Welcome to our world of international underwater retreats. Here you have the chance to become a mermaid or merman or to continue your adventure. Underwater models and performers of all experience levels are invited to join us for our unique and unforgettable underwater adventures. We offer international mermaid retreats and underwater modelling workshops. Furthermore, you can join our underwater dance retreats and mermaid photo shoots. In addition to all the amazing experiences, participants enrolled in our workshop vacations will leave with custom photo and video content.

International Mermaid Retreats

Our Mermaid Retreats, also called “Mermaid Weeks”, are international adventures specifically designed for merfolk. During these unique experiences, merpeople can join Mermaid Kat during an exciting mermaid vacation. Besides a transformational adventure in paradise, you can extend your portfolio with breathtaking photos above and underwater. These experiences were created with love and passion and developed to meet merpeople’s needs and dreams. Furthermore, they were designed to create a time and place for like-minded people to come together to connect, teach and learn. In addition, you can participate in mermaid classes and breath hold workshops. Of course, creating more ocean awareness is another important mission at our mermaid retreats. From first timers to experienced pros and seasoned mermaids, this trip will not disappoint! There surely is no experience in the world that can compare with our Mermaid Weeks.

Mermaid Retreats and Mermaid School
Mermaid Trip - The ultimate Mermaid Retreats by Mermaid Kat
Underwater retreats for mermaids and mermen
Mermaid Portfolio Vacation - Mermaid modelling retreats

Upcoming Merfolk Retreats

Mermaid Trip to Egypt 2023

Mermaid Trip Egypt – September 2023

This Mermaid Trip is the greatest adventure for all water enthusiasts. Activities awaits you here, such as swimming in mermaid tails, underwater photo shoots, workshops on holding your breath and underwater modelling as well as boat trips. You also have a high chance of swimming with marine life such as manatees, guitar sharks, turtles and …

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Merfolk Retreat in Phuket

Merfolk Retreat Thailand – March 2023

This Merfolk Retreat is for mermaids and mermen from around the world. It’s not only the ultimate getaway for mermaids, but also for all other water-enthusiastic people. Adventures await you here, such as swimming in mermaid tails, underwater photo shoots, breath-holding workshops and boat trips. Furthermore, we will explore the most beautiful beaches in Phuket …

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Meet the Creator

As a child Kat dreamed about becoming a mermaid. Desperately, she crossed her legs for hours, hoping they would turn into a mermaid’s tail one day. Finally, after she became a scuba diving instructor in her mid twenties, she made her childhood dream a reality. “Mermaid Kat” was officially born in May 2012. Since then, Kat has become a world acclaimed mermaid, underwater stunt woman and performance artist. Today her biggest goal is helping others to fulfil their dreams faster. For this reason, the professional mermaid founded an international mermaid school, a mermaid tail factory and international underwater workshops. Join Kat on an unforgettable adventure and profit from her experiences as a scuba diver, mermaid and underwater model.

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