Become a Mermaid

Become a mermaid or merman. Here at Mermaid Kat Academy, we have experienced mermaid instructors that can turn your childhood dreaming a reality. We were not only the first, but also one of the most experienced mermaid schools in the world. Join our international mermaid school, become a mermaid and be part of the underwater world.

Mermaid courses for children and adults - Become a mermaid at Mermaid Kat Academy

Mermaid Courses for Children & Adults

At Mermaid Kat Academy everyone can become a mermaid or merman. We offer mermaid courses for children with strong swimming abilities and of course adults are more than welcome to join our mermaid classes too.

Professional mermaid courses for adults - Become a mermaid at Mermaid Kat Academy

Professional Mermaid Courses for Adults

Our professional mermaid course were specifically designed for older teenagers (15+) and adults. In the first place, students will learn about the ocean environment and what it means to be an ocean ambassador. Furthermore they will learn about different mermaid equipment, equalisation, breath hold training, underwater modelling, how to work as a mermaid entertainer and much more.

Experienced mermaid instructors at Mermaid Kat Academy - Become a mermaid

Experienced Mermaid Instructors

As the world’s first public mermaid school (since 2012), Mermaid Kat Academy is one of the most experienced mermaid schools in the world. Over 6,000 mermaid students and mermaid workshops in over 10 different countries helped us to constantly improve our teaching skills and to set new standards in the world of modern mermaiding.

Mermaiidng at Mermaid Kat Academy

Mermaid Courses in Different countries

Mermaid Kat Academy was founded in August 2012 by professional Mermaid Kat in Thailand. Today Mermaid Kat Academy has branches in Germany, Austria  and Australia. Join us for Mermaid Week in Mexico and the USA. In addition to our fixed branches, Mermaid Kat hosts mermaid courses onboard the cruise ships of “Dream Cruises” in Asia.

International mermaid workshops - become a mermaid at Mermaid Kat Academy

International Mermaid Workshops

Additionally to our regular mermaid courses, Mermaid Kat Academy also offers special international mermaid workshops once in a while. Mermaids and mermen get to use their tails in the natural habitats of rays, dolphins, whales and sharks. As well as training and unforgettable encounters with marine life, these mermaid trips also guarantee a big enrichment to the photo and video portfolios.

Mermaiding in Germany

Germany is the main base of our mermaid school. With bases in 7 different states, we offer mermaid courses in several cities throughout the country. Visit our Germany Mermaid School here.

Mermaid School Australia

Since 2015, Mermaid Kat Academy also has a fixed base in Perth, Western Australia. Mermaids and merman from Australia’s West Coast have stopped by at Mermaid Kat Academy and learned new mermaid techniques. Visit our Australian Mermaid School here.

Mermaiding in the USA

At the moment we are in the preparation process of opening our first branches in the USA. Stay tuned for updates.

Mermaid Academy in Singapore

Since 2017, Mermaid Kat Academy offers mermaid courses onboard the Dream Cruises Ship “Genting Dream” in Singapore. Book your dream vacation and join our Mermaid Academy at sea. If you can dream it – you can do it.

Mermaid Academy Hong Kong

If you would like to combine becoming a mermaid with a dream vacation, why don’t you book your holiday with Dream Cruises? Regularly, Mermaid Kat Academy offers mermaid courses onboard the cruise ship “World Dream” in Hong Kong. Turn your dreams into reality.

Mermaid Courses in Mexico

Have you ever dreamed about turning into a mermaid and swimming through our beautiful underwater realm? Then you should join us for Mermaid Week in Mexico. Become a mermaid in the beautiful cenotes or swim alongside whale sharks and other sea creatures.

Mermaids in Austria

Mermaid Kat Academy also offers mermaiding courses in Austria. Become a real life mermaid or merman during our professional mermaid courses in Austria. Our qualified instructors teach mermaid courses with passion and enthusiasm.

Join our Mermaid School

Who is Mermaid Kat?

Katrin Gray aka Mermaid Kat is the founder of Mermaid Kat Academy. The professional mermaid and underwater model is a fully qualified and certified scuba and free diving instructor. After introducing her first mermaiding teaching program in August 2012, the former “Miss Germany International” continued to lay out deeper foundations in the world of modern mermaiding. Together with her team the underwater stunt woman developed her own range of highly functional and efficient mermaid tails, which can be purchased at Mermaid Kat Shop. As an ocean ambassador, Mermaid Kat travels the world and swims alongside sea creatures such as dolphins, whales, rays, sharks and even crocodiles.