MerFolk Retreat Italy (September 2026)

MerFolk Retreat Italy: Embark on Unforgettable Adventures! Are you eager to set out on an exceptional journey that promises memories to treasure forever? Search no more! Our MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School in Italy offers an immersive experience that’s second to none, perfect for mermaid fans of every skill level. Plunge into a sea of colorful mermaid tails and forge connections with mermaid and merman enthusiasts worldwide. Our balanced program blends exhilarating activities with ample relaxation opportunities, guaranteeing a magical experience.



MerFolk Retreat Details:

When? September 12-19, 2026 (Extension week from September 19-26, 2026 possible)
Accommodation: “Al Pozzo” on the Italian island of Elba
Price: €1,999 (or €2,450 with extension week until September 26, 2026)


– 7 nights in the Al Pozzo Apartment (max. 4 persons per apartment)
– Daily breakfast and a farewell dinner
– Free Wi-Fi
– Excursions to special locations and transport during our activities
– Mermaiding training, yoga sessions, breathing and relaxation exercises
– Model posing tips and underwater model training
– Photoshoots on land and underwater
– Support from our safety team
– Fabric tail rental from Mermaid Kat Shop (if needed)
– 6 edited, high-resolution photos of your choice
– 1 souvenir video of the trip


Not Included:
– Travel to Elba
– Meals other than mentioned
– Diving and diving courses
– Additional photos and individual videos (available for an extra charge)
– Use of silicone tails from Mermaid Kat Shop (rental possible)
– A 20% deposit is due immediately upon booking. A course fee of €1,000 is due 90 days before the trip (non-refundable in case of cancellation). The remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of the trip.



Reserve Your Spot Today:

Contact Thomas Scholz (Tom) at +49 173 3725736 or via email at Act fast, as spots are in high demand, and we can only secure your reservation once we’ve received your booking and deposit.



Video from our MerFolk Retreat Egypt 2023:


Explore the Magic of Our MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School

Our MerFolk Retreat in Italy presents a distinctive fusion of experiences to ensure your escape is truly extraordinary. It’s the ideal setting not only for unwinding and rejuvenating but also for engaging in the thrilling adventure of mermaid school. During your visit, you’ll have access to a variety of training sessions, including mermaid swimming, breathwork, and relaxation techniques.

Master specialized skills such as fin swimming, pressure equalization, underwater posing, and body control under the sea. Our team of professional photographers will be on hand to capture enchanting moments during mesmerizing photoshoots, both onshore and beneath the water, against the breathtaking vistas of Italy’s natural splendor. Moreover, our skilled lifeguards and rescue divers will provide support, catering to both beginners and experienced mermaids.

We have deliberately included free time in your schedule for self-exploration. Seize the opportunity for exciting dives or enjoy serene walks along the beach with other attendees. The local area is rich with tourist sites waiting to be explored during your retreat.

Embark on a journey with us at the MerFolk Retreat Italy for a magical and varied experience that marries relaxation with the allure of mermaid escapades, forging unforgettable memories that will endure a lifetime.


MerFolk Retreat for mermaids



Who Can Join Our MerFolk Retreat Italy?

If you’ve ever been captivated by tales like “The Little Mermaid,” enchanted by movies such as “Splash,” or delighted by series like “H2O: Just Add Water,” and hold a deep affection for fantasy and the wonders of the ocean, then our MerFolk Retreat in Italy is tailor-made for you! Our mission is to foster a community where water aficionados can unite, acquire new talents, and leave with unforgettable photos and videos.

To join, proficient swimming abilities and a fundamental level of fitness are essential, as the art of mermaiding demands physical exertion. However, you can take comfort in knowing that our underwater photo sessions are primarily conducted in shallow waters, with assistance readily available at the surface if necessary. Our doors are open to individuals of every size, shape, age, and gender, though minors under 18 must have a guardian present.




Video Packages as an Additional Option for your MerFolk Retreat

If you would like to have individual videos of yourself in addition to the souvenir video, you can book these additionally.

Option 1: PERSONAL TRAVEL HIGHLIGHT VIDEO Your personal highlights of Mermaid Week selected by us and edited as an individual film. | backed with music | Duration 2-3 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Makes your Mermaid Week unforgettable! Price: EUR 150 (around USD 160 / AUD 250)

Option 2: UNDERWATER MODEL MOVIE Extra film footage and individual scenes edited together to create your underwater model movie. | Preliminary meeting with concept development | basic video coaching | additional video shooting | cut together selected by us | backed with music | Duration 3-5 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Perfect for your portfolio! Price: EUR 250 (around USD 270 / AUD 420)

Option 3: DELUXE MOVIE Film creation cut together as a short film in a cinematic look according to your individual storyline. | Preliminary meeting with concept development | Script writing | individual video coaching | additional video shooting and individual shooting time |backed with music | Duration 5-7 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Show your personality! Epic video recordings for marketing, campaigns, portfolio and more. Price: EUR 450 (around USD 480 / AUD 750)

Optional: additionally all individual scenes uncut (including unpublished ones) Price: EUR 100 (around USD 100 / AUD 160)

Larger changes on average Price: 50 EUR (around USD 50 / AUD 80)

If you are already sure that you would like to book a video option, please contact Jens and Melli from D Image Factory directly.


Lydia’s Highlight Video from MerFolk Retreat Maldives 2021


Julianna’s Highlights During MerPeople Retreat Egypt 2022


Inviting Partners and Companions to Our MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School

Your companion is warmly invited to immerse themselves in the magic alongside us. They are encouraged to join us on thrilling adventures, observe the spellbinding photoshoots, and engage in fascinating training sessions. Throughout our journey, we’ve had the honor of documenting tender moments between companions, forging invaluable memories to hold dear.

Furthermore, companions are offered a special chance to choose 6 photographs from our MerFolk Retreat as keepsakes. It’s an opportunity to partake in the magic of the experience.

If companions prefer not to join in the activities or take any photos, we provide a discount. In these cases, the price is reduced to €900, or for an extended stay of 14 days, to €1,350.

Additionally, there will be ample leisure time each day for exploration, relaxation, and bonding. Rest assured, your companion will experience anything but dullness – they’ll be part of a remarkable adventure brimming with awe and joy!


Mermaid Couple Photo Shoot during MerFolk Retreat



That’s Exciting!

Mermaid Kat and her “fintastic” team have been the masterminds behind international Mermaid Weeks and underwater model adventures since 2013. Our team has earned prestigious awards, and we’re not only talented but also incredibly motivated, spirited, and passionate about what we do.

We prioritize creating an environment where everyone stands on equal ground, supporting, encouraging, and empowering one another. Your mermaid journey is designed to make a splash in your life, leaving you with unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

Join our vibrant Facebook group, Drama Free Mermaid Community, to connect with fellow mermaids and mermen from around the world before your adventure begins.


Become a mermaid at our mermaid school - Mermaid Kat Academy



Come, Be Part of the Enchantment!

To ensure you have a fantastic time at our MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School, please remember to pack the following:

  • Passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Diving license (if you plan to go diving)
  • Swimwear and summer clothing
  • Snorkeling gear (if available)
  • Rash guard and light long trousers
  • Sunglasses, hat, and required medication
  • Adapter for electronics
  • Natural mosquito repellent and ocean-friendly sunscreen
  • Your own mermaid tail (if you have one)
  • Waterproof mascara and additional makeup
  • Accessories
  • Credit cards and cash


Mexico Mermaid Retreat


About Elba:

Elba, a charming island in the Mediterranean, is just about ten kilometers from the Italian mainland. It attracts visitors with diverse interests: from picturesque beaches and shimmering seas to rich culture, including churches, fortresses, and museums. Elba offers a variety of activities such as biking, e-bike tours, boat trips, diving, or hiking. To reach Elba, take the ferry from Piombino Marittima, which is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. The crossing to Portoferraio takes just over an hour.



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