Underwater Workshops

Underwater Workshops for Mermaids, Mermen and Underwater Models.

If you have always dreamed about becoming a mermaid or merman, you have come to the right place. At Mermaid Kat Academy we have more than a decade of experience in mermaiding, underwater modelling, scuba diving, free diving, underwater show performance and underwater stunt work.

Today we offer invaluable coaching to either start you on your underwater modelling or mermaid path or to help you become even better.

Mermaid Underwater Workshops Perth

Mermaid Courses

We have been teaching mermaid courses since 2012 and have trained more than 10,000 students during our mermaid classes. We offer mermaiding courses for children and for adults. A mermaid workshop is the quickest way to transform into a mermaid or merman. Check out our mermaid school in Germany and Perth, Australia.

Underwater Model Coaching by Mermaid Kat - Underwater Workshops Perth

Underwater Model Coaching

Our underwater model coaching workshops are open to professional and aspiring models, male or female and anyone who is interested in learning the art of movement in the water. Find out more about underwater model training.

Underwater Model Retreats

Our underwater model retreats are the perfect combination of travel, adventure, connecting with like minded people, learning and going home with breathtaking underwater photos. Underwater photography is a beautiful medium and we are excited to share it with people of all backgrounds.

Underwater Model Coaching and Retreat

MerPeople Retreats

If you are or want to become a mermaid or merman, join us for an international mermaid retreat. Adventures, photoshoots and lot’s of mermaid fun await you here. We will have the best time empowering one another in our “Drama Free Mermaid Community“.

International Mermaid Retreats and Underwater Workshops